A view from the bottom of the Grand Canyon

Think the view of the rim of the Grand Canyon is spectacular? You should see the bottom.

Aesthetic Inspiration from a Grand Landscape

The common wisdom from Park Rangers and the BackCountry office is that about 50,000 of the 5 million annual visitors to the Grand Canyon get to the bottom of the Canyon and spend a night below the Rim.  So a little over 1% ever see the bottom of the Grand Canyon. The other 99% don’t know what they are missing!

The view from the bottom of the Grand Canyon has a distinct beauty all of it’s own.  When you view the canyon from above, you are in awe of the depth.  As you travel down, you begin to get a realization of the extreme scale of the canyon.  Those towering cliffs begin to dwarf you as you travel downward.  The colors of the rocks and the dust you are passing through changes with each zig and zag of the trail. The mule wranglers say that with each step of the mule you go back 10,000 years in time.

Once you have been to the bottom the first time, the desire to go back takes root in your mind.  It’s almost as if you can’t get enough of it. Also, once you have been to the bottom, the rim of the canyon doesn’t satisfy as it once did! The desire to explore and take in all the sights becomes a new goal. The rim of the canyon is ever changing and the bottom is the same.  As the season changes, so does the plant and animal life.  It’s a dynamically changing kaleidoscope of color and life. Perhaps this is why some people come to the Grand Canyon and never leave.