Historic trip of John Wesley Powell

                This year the Grand Canyon celebrates it's 100th anniversary.  However, there is another anniversary of historic significance.  It

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This year the Grand Canyon celebrates it’s 100th anniversary.  However, there is another anniversary of historic significance.  It is the 150th anniversary of the historic trip down the Colorado River by John Wesley Powell.  I just finished reading an account of his trip written by Edward Dolnick.  I have determined that pioneers of that era were made of some pretty stiff resolve.

After reading about all the hazards, delays, and privation experienced by this group of explorers, I don’t think I would have made it.  These hardy travelers were in constant peril of drowning and by the end of the trip, starvation.  They had the wrong kind of boats and only one life preserver among them.  Did I mention their fearless leader was a one-armed Civil War veteran?  The life jacket was for him.

This is a riveting story of how these brave explorers met each hazard with bravado and resolve.  They left Green River Station in Wyoming in May 1869 and did not reach the end of their journey until August 29, 1869.  They had spent 100 days of grueling labor under unforgiving sun and an even more unforgiving Colorado River.  What is really sad is that three of their party decided they were no longer willing to risk any more hazards the river would care to dish out.  They left the river expedition and were never heard from again.  The sad part is they were only 24 hours away from victory.  Much speculation exists about what happened to these men, but there is no doubt they did not survive their exit.

If you enjoy tales of raw nerve and derring-do, I would highly suggest reading about this exploration of the Grand Canyon.

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