About The Grand Canyon Visitor

Welcome to The Grand Canyon Visitor!

The Grand Canyon Visitor was created to provide visitors, guests and friends with news and information of what’s happening at the Grand Canyon – conveniently in one location.

As a national award winning landscape photographer, I have explored this area for over 20 years. After first visiting the Grand Canyon in 1997, I traveled from Florida to Arizona about once a year for nearly all of those 15 years. Finally in 2012, my wife and I succumbed to the pull and decided to move to Flagstaff Arizona.

Since moving here, we have dedicated ourselves to learning all that we can about the history, geology and biology of the region. Our membership in the Grand Canyon Association and other groups and associations have helped us to do that. Additionally, we attend guide training seminars to constantly improve our skills and improve our knowledge. We are full time guides and tour operators, owning Canyon Country Tours, where we take our guests on day tours or on one day photography tour workshops at the Grand Canyon. It’s a pleasure to share our love and passion of the Grand Canyon and the National Park with visitors and guests. 

While conducting our tours, we discovered the need for a concise location for information and news regarding the Grand Canyon. Our guests expressed their frustration of not being able to know as much as they would like to have known before they arrived!

As a result of their input, we decided bring it together into one convenient format. Consequently The Grand Canyon Visitor was born.

The PURPOSE of The Grand Canyon Visitor

Our purpose is to provide that information, gathering it from many reliable sources as possible, to made it convenient for you to find and reference. We hope that you will become a frequent visitor to this website and that it makes it easier for you find what you need to enrich your visit. It’s our sincere desire to help yo to stay connected after your visit and to encourage others to discover the incredible beautiful of this creation that we call the Grand Canyon.

We invite the visitors, guests and friends that have come here to send your comments. Any information requests that may be sent will always be treated with respect as promptly and completely as possible. We have just launched the site (5-27-17) so the content will be growing as we move forward.

Thank you,

Glenn and Lori Tamblingson
The Grand Canyon Visitor