Grand Canyon Calling

GRAND CANYON CALLING An Artist's Relationship with the Grand Canyon Drawings and paintings of the Grand CanyonAn 11” x 8 1/2” book wi

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GRAND CANYON CALLING An Artist’s Relationship with the Grand Canyon Drawings and paintings of the Grand CanyonAn 11” x 8 1/2” book with 112 pages 56  drawings and paintings with comments by Serena

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Serena’s newest book, published in November 2016, features drawings and paintings from 2006-2015.

There are four separate chapters: 1. Hangin’ on the Rim 2. Love a River Trip 3. Trail Travel 4. Phantom Ranch
 This book represents several years of Serena’s life which she spent in the Grand Canyon.  Through her work Serena seeks to capture the eye, excite the mind, stir memory, and feed the heart; displaying a deep relationship with the canyon.

hardbound limited edition of 250, signed and numbered$125
Serena’s booklet Bridging Naturally     Serena’s art booklet titled “Bridging Naturally”, originated in 2014, while she was Community Artist in Arches, Canyonlands, Hovenweep, and Natural Bridges. 6″ x 9″                           32 pages                            $12.95
Serena’s Book Inner Gorge Metaphors (out of print)
Inner Gorge Metaphors
An Artist’s Perspective of the Grand Canyon
This book is a collection of 52 color plates of Supplee’s most recent watercolor and oil paintings from the perspective of the Grand Canyon’s Inner Gorge. Each work is framed and expanded through the use of her prose poems, taking us on a journey with the use of brushstrokes and words.

The Colorado River, as the lifeblood of the Grand Canyon, is a personal metaphor for Serena Supplee’s life path. Her dazzlingly colorful and energetic paintings illustrate her journey, and perhaps yours – floating through the canyons, encountering obstacles and challenges, experiencing joy and confronting fear, and finding surprises around each bend of the twisting, fluid river of nature and life.

52 paintings and poems 112 pages      11″ x 8 1/2″
sample pages

When I first tried to paint the Grand Canyon on site
I did paintings of one rock, one layer.
Later, two layers.
Then the river and two layers.
My goal was to someday be able to paint all the layers.
Now my mind is wide enough to hold the Whole Enchilada.

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